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Traveling to Charming Cebu

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Traveling to Charming Cebu

Cebu is a province of the Philippine islands and is every traveller’s fantasy of a tropical island where there is balmy weather, pristine beaches, luxurious resorts and hotels, and very hospitable people, yet with all the frills of modern living. It is the country’s second biggest metropolis, where one can find all the major facilities for fun, entertainment and adventure from shopping malls to beaches to mountains and diving. Here, a weary traveller will find his home away from home because of the many wonderful things that one can do and find in this small city.


Since Cebu is a tropical place, it would be best to wear cool, comfortable clothes if you wish to travel here. Summer is during the months of February to April, while the rainy season starts in May till December. Depending on what you plan to do in this island, you should book your trip as early as possible. You will find posh hotels and resorts here where everything is reasonably priced. You can enjoy various activities here when you book for a resort or hotel. Furthermore, the island boasts of several historical landmarks which attest to its rich and glorious past. Its strong faith in religion, close family ties and genuine hospitality can be observed wherever you go. With warm smiles and friendly faces, you will surely never feel alienated in this small town. If you really want to experience what it is like being a Cebuano, you should come to this place during the month of January. It is this time when festivities abound and almost every single citizen is out on the streets partying and celebrating the feast of its patron saint. So, come to this charming island that takes price in its world renowned beaches, adventure-filled places and breathtaking scenery.

cebu culture


The Philippines has a rich cultural heritage, dating back to hundreds of years. Philippines had been a popular Spanish colony since 16th century until American occupation in 1896. During this period, the unique native culture of Philippines was greatly adulterated by Spanish and American influences. Its tribal inhabitants were converted to Christianity and it dramatically affected their animistic beliefs, rituals and practices. The Philippines is the only Christian majority country in Asia. After hundreds of years of foreign occupation, Philippines now represent a mixed culture, which is a fascinating blend of traditions and modernity.

The languages, cuisines and festivals of Philippines are the most fascinating features of the Philippine culture. Though, Filipino (Tagalog) is the national language of the country, English is widely spoken and understood. In addition, there are over 80 different dialects in the Philippines. The cuisines of Philippines have Chinese, Spanish, American, and Malay influences. Filipinos are also fond of French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. The most famous and widely enjoyed dish in the Philippines is lechon (roasted whole pig), which is especially prepared for fiestas and family celebrations like parties and marriages. Festivals are the most important aspect of the unique culture of Philippines. Filipinos are fun loving and vibrant people who love to celebrate a number of colorful festivals all round the year. In fact, fiesta has become the part and parcel of Filipino culture. Christmas is the biggest and most celebrated festival in the Philippines.

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