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Location & Climate

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Philippines is an archipelago nation in the South Eastern Asia between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam.

The country lies between 116 40′ and 126 34′ E

longitude, and 4ï 40′ and 21 10′ N. latitude. It is surrounded by by the Philippine Sea from the east, by the South China Sea on the west, and by the Celebes Sea on the south.

The Philippine archipelago is made up of 7,107 lovely islands, covering a total area of 300,000 sq km including the land area of 299,764 sq km. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao form the main island groups of the Philippines. Its terrain consists of mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands. Philippines standard time is GMT + 8 hours.

Cebu is located at about 500 km south of Manila, between the 9 25′ N latitude and the 123 25′ E longitude, in the center of the archipelago. Cebu can easily be reached by air and water from Manila.


Philippines has a tropical marine climate with three distinct seasons. These include wet and rainy season (June-October), the cool and dry season (November-February) and the hot and dry season (March-May).
Cebu climate
While the summer southwest monsoon (June-October) brings heavy rains to most part of the country, the winter northeast monsoon (November to April) brings a cool and dry weather. Manila and other lowland areas are hot and dusty from March to June, when temperatures normally rise up to 37C (99F). Evenings are normally cool and pleasant throughout the year. The best time to visit the Philippines is from December to May when the weather is pleasant and cool and the typhoons are rare. Light cotton clothing is ideal most of the year and must during the hot and dry months from March to May

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