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Getting Around Cebu

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Transportation Services

Getting around the second largest metropolis in the country is easy with the varying types of transport available.


If you are traveling on a budget, there is public transportation that you can take like taxis. One can find taxis everywhere and will take you anywhere in the metropolis. For people who want to experience the simple life of the people in Cebu, then they can take the public utility vehicles which are commonly called “jeepneys.” Jeepneys are the most common mode of transportation in the whole Philippines. They are vehicles that can accommodate to as many as 20 people in one trip. Although it may take more time to get to a destination with a jeepney, you will definitely be amazed by the many things you will witness and see during a trip. So, if you come to Cebu for your next vacation, expect to see all of these things and be prepared for an experience you will never forget.

The “King of the road” or jeepney represents the innovativeness and creativity of Filipinos. In Cebu, jeepney is the most popular mode of transport with a conductor to call in passengers. Tourists are advised to beat the handrail of the jeepney using a coin for the jeepney to stop or simply tell the conductor the place where you need to stop for him to beat the roof of the jeepney. For only eight pesos (minimum fare) you can go to your desired destination given that you took the right route.


If want to get around the city or anywhere in Cebu without the hassle of transferring from one jeepney to another, taxis are available. Air-conditioned taxis are accessible anywhere in Cebu with built-in stereo for comfort and light entertainment. In addition, make sure to ask the taxi driver if there is a meter or use the meter before getting in to avoid being ripped off. Flag down rate starts at 40 pesos and additional 2.50 pesos for the succeeding 200 meters (actual fare plus ten pesos as directed by Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB)).


Another common type of transportation which can be found in remote barangays and cities in the province is tricycle. The regular motorcycle is designed with seating capacity on the side that can carry six passengers. Motorcycle fare ranges from 8 pesos to 20 pesos per person depending on your destination.

Filipinos are known worldwide for being a survivor and the ability to cope with the everyday challenges. With the soaring price of gasoline, trisikads are considered the best cost cutting transport. These three-wheeled non-motorized bikes are typically available in suburb areas and barangays. Tartanilla or horse-driven carriages are also accessible in Carbon and Ermita areas.

Car Rentals

Car rental services these days are very much appreciated by travelers the world over. This is because they offer the individual plenty of advantages.

One benefit is the freedom to decide exactly how you want to explore a certain place. Another, a person will not have to depend on and be limited by public transportations when exploring a locale. Since there are many kinds of cars for rent, a traveller can easily cruise the city with a compact car or go tour dirt tracks with a four wheel drive whenever he wants. Additionally, the variety of vehicles offered by car rental companies will provide the tourist many options as to how fashionably he can travel. For those who are on budget, a lot of reliable and economical automobiles are certainly available. For those who have the money to spend, it is an easy matter to avail of luxury cars.

If you have decided to rent a car on your next trip, here are some things you might want to know. Number one, a lot of car rental agencies can be found near airports so you really do not have to stress over this. To make it more convenient, you can book online the car you like and have it waiting for you even before your plane hits the tarmac. However, understand that you need to posses a driver’s license and a major credit card before you can rent a vehicle. If you cannot drive, just pay extra for a driver. Finally, you should consider getting car rental insurance for your peace of mind.

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